The merry adventures of robin hood by howard pyle book report

What is a brief summary of The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood?

Although considered a thief and outlaw, Robin Hood is nevertheless presented in this work as a moral force in a world that allows the rich and powerful to take ruthless advantage of the poor and defenseless. He married Anne Poole and become a father of seven children.

They were betting with him in testing his archery skills and lost, trying to hit him with an arrow but Robin manages to escape the drunk archers and even kill one of them. Besides that, he was accused of being a deer poacher as well, with his head prized for pounds.

He died in Florence, Italy, November 9th, Although they were outlaws participating in a lot of illegal actions, they are portrayed as heroes who are fighting for justice. After educating himself on becoming an illustrator, he established a Brandywine School of Art, who was attended by famous artists as N.

Will Scarlett inspired them to find friar Tuck who would marry them and invite him to the company as well. A while after the contest, the Sheriff received a letter from Robin saying," Now heaven bless thy grace this day, Say all is sweet in Sherwood, For thou didst give the prize away to merry Robin Hood.

Robin Hood is a young archer who kills one of the Sheriff of Nottingham's men in self-defense. Pyle relates these traditional tales with an incomparable zest, generosity of spirit, and unfailing good humor. They were always in the search of a good adventure, and one day Robin met a man while he was crossing the same bridge as he was.

Sheriff got extremely offended so he sent his troops to the forest in a search for Robin and his people, who decided to lay low for a while. He is also more charitable than the various hypocritical churchmen he encounters. Another reason I enjoyed this book was because it had surprising events.

This made her compatible historically with King Richard the Lion-Heartedwith whom Robin eventually makes peace.

The next time they met, Robin Hood offered him a position in his company, and the man decided to join them. Pyle has Robin kill only one man, who shoots at him first. Although he is a law-defying criminal, he is a noble and an honest person who cares for the well-being of the poor and tries to repair the injustice they suffer from more powerful and wealthier people.

Rooney responds by displaying the cover of the comic book, which depicts Fields as Mr. Robin and his men have many adventures, some of which were created entirely by Pyle and not based in medieval legends, but almost all of which have become part of the Robin Hood legend; these include the portrayal of Robin as a selfless hero to the workers, fighting against illegal taxation, rather than the outright thief he had been portrayed as in past works.

She was scared because he heard he became an outlaw again, so she was only pretending as she is helping, but actually left Robin bleed to death. Be a real man like Robin Hood.

The plot unfolds through episodes divided per chapters, each episode presenting another adventure of Robin Hood and his crew.

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The man who Robin murdered was his cousin, and that was yet the additional motif for his revenge.The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood [Howard Pyle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Townsend Library classic has been carefully edited to be more accessible to today's students/5(16).

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eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood [Howard Pyle, Benvenuti] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This novel written by the American illustrator and writer Howard Pyle, consists of a series of episodes in the story of the English outlaw Robin Hood and his band of Merry bigskyquartet.coms: The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood takes its basis from the many old ballads about Robin Hood.

As a result, it is a combination of mini-stories. As a result, it is a combination of mini-stories. Howard Pyle does a commendable job in joining all these stories into a cohesive novel/5. The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood - Kindle edition by Howard Pyle.

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The merry adventures of robin hood by howard pyle book report
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